Talent Management & Succession Planning

It is well recognized that knowledge workers who apply specialized skills, in other words, talents are very much sought after. Organizations need such high talents to create value in order to win in the highly competitive, volatile and a much more uncertain business climate.

The intensive competition for these talents has been likened to “the war for talent’’ by McKinsey, a prominent consulting firm. Thus talents have become the focal point in the area of human capital management.

Talent management is closely tied to succession planning since these key human capital processes are critical in effectively managing today’s talents whilst creating talent and leadership continuity for the future.

  • Understand the total approach to optimizing talents through the integrated processes of acquisition, development, deployment, retention and succession.
  • Learn and understand the strategic model and application of best- practices in talent and succession management.
  • Understand how an integrated and comprehensive approach to talent and succession management can be a source of competitive advantage to the organization.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills in using relevant techniques and tools for managing talents and succession in one’s organization.
  • Learn to set up or strengthen effective talent and succession management processes in one’s organization and create alignment with other HR processes.
This program is targeted at senior managers and executives whose roles include the management of talents and staff succession in their organizations.

Two Days