Performance Management

In today’s competitive world the emphasis is on performance of the organization and its employees. Performance management has become a house-hold word in the more enlightened organizations. All organizations want to perform well and be profitable. It does not happen without initiating any activities on a company wide basis. The establishment of a performance management system is the beginning of a well planned and executive strategy of monitoring the success of an organization. In order to reward the employees objectively it is necessary for organizations to implement a performance management program that ensures clearly spelt out objectives and implementation steps. It is also imperative that the system be seen as transparent and objective. Employees of an organization must ‘buy’ the system for it to work effectively.

  • To be able to translate organizational goals into department and employee targets and action plan
  • To identify competencies and potential employee development
  • To conduct performance reviews and appraisals in a structured and objective way
  • To provide feedback and coaching for those who need them
This program is for line-managers, HR managers and executives who are required to conduct performance reviews and appraisals on a regular basis.

Two Days