People Leadership: Styles & Skills

People are an important resource to any organization – in many ways, the most important resource. In today’s economy, not only are people expensive assets, human capital has become as important, if not more so, than financial assets and physical capital. Hence, just as financial assets and physical capital have to be effectively managed, attention needs to be paid to the management and development of human capital. In particular, high potential employees and key personnel should be developed systematically and professionally, and not in a haphazard manner, in order to enhance an organization's capability

This programme is based on an original conceptual framework developed by SDC to equip managers with the skills necessary to interact with and manage people; and improve participants’ interpersonal effectiveness.

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to :
  • understand and enhance their personal role and style effectiveness;
  • adopt a systematic approach to leading people;
  • enhance their skills in giving instructions, coaching, delegating, managing poor commitment and counselling difficult cases; and
  • effectively manage or supervise the people with whom they have to work with in diverse situations.
This programme emphasizes real work issues, skills practice, and action planning. Post-course follow-up work is an integral part of the programme to ensure skills transfer. To achieve the best learning outcome, the following learning methods will be used:
  • Videotapes
  • Case studies & discussions
  • Instruments / questionnaires
  • Skills practice & role play
  • Syndicate exercises
  • Short lecture
The key topics to be covered in this programme are :

Segment 1: Role Effectiveness
The aim of this segment is to enhance understanding of the role of people leader and the impact of the changing world on their roles. The participants will learn to apply the Five Principles of People Leadership.
Segment 2 : Style Effectiveness
The aim of this segment is to enhance the participants' personal style effectiveness as well as to help them adopt the 5-Step People Leadership Approach and the Leadership Style Effectiveness Framework to lead people systematically. The participants will learn about their own leadership style and to apply the appropriate styles to manage different people and situations.
Segment 3 : Communication & Follow up Effectiveness
The aim of this segment is to enhance the participants' interactive skills in rapport-building, influencing and behaving assertively. The emphasis is on Steps two to four of the 5-step People Leadership Approach. These are the essential skills needed to manage and deal with people effectively.
Segment 4: Skills Effectiveness
Participants will also enhance their skills in giving instructions, coaching, delegating according to the needs of people and situations. Opportunities are also given to practice managing problematic performers and difficult staff with attitudinal problems. If not managed skilfully, this small category of people can lower the overall productivity of an organization. Therefore, the participants will learn to manage difficult employees skilfully, confidently and assertively.

It is for new entrants into the workforce, existing employees and for the people who have to manage them. The last group would include directors, senior managers, supervisors and front-line leaders who need to manage and lead people effectively. For some, not knowing how to manage people skilfully and assertively - especially the difficult ones - can make life very stressful and frustrating.

Three Days