Organizational Climate Survey

ttl_overview An organizational climate is a way of describing how people perceive the atmosphere of working in a team or at the workplace. Climate will influence the way people work, how hard they work and how committed are they in what they are doing. Many researches have proven that organizational climate has a strong influence on the way people work which in turn predict the high performance of the team or the department. A Climate Survey can be administered to measure and profile the organization’s “ Actual ‘’ versus “ Ideal ‘’ work climate. The survey results will provide important feedback to the leader or manager to take action to improve many aspects of the work climate to bring about improved productivity, enhanced employee job satisfaction and optimal performance.

  • Gain a good understanding of what is organizational climate, its dimensions and why it is important for performance?
  • Learn to use and complete the Climate Survey instrument to measure the “Actual” and “Ideal’’ climate, interpret the meaning of the climate profiles and feedback on scores to help identify problems or issues in the workplace.
  • Learn to develop practical action plan and strategies to address the climate dimensions for improvement, changing one’s climate profile – change of role, competencies and managerial styles to improve results.
Managers and OD personnel who would like to diagnose the work climate of the team, department or organization for climate improvement.

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