Module 7: Organisational Effectiveness

ttl_overview The effectiveness of an organisation is influenced by the organisational culture which affects the way employees are bound together by a common set of values and shared vision. Hence, it is critical that all members of an enterprise align their personal goals and aspirations to the mission, vision, structure, goals, norms and modes of operation of their organisation.

As organisations become increasingly less hierarchical, employees are empowered with authority and resources to lead and make decisions. Employees, therefore, have to learn to influence others, lead and make effective decisions in order to work as a team and contribute effectively to their organisation.

The objectives of the programme are to enable participants to :
  • understand how organisational culture shapes the work environment;
  • understand how personal and professional values, choices, and behaviours affect effectiveness in an organisation;
  • improve skills and abilities to be effective and job-enhancing manner;
  • develop effective leadership characteristics and qualities necessary to succeed in a shared leadership environment; and
  • explore leadership strengths and weaknesses, strengthen weaknesses and expand strengths in shared leadership skills.


Session 1: Contribute to Organisational Effectiveness Understand Organisational Values
Foster Organisational Values through its systems
Improve Individual Effectiveness in the Organisation
Session 2: Excel in an Organisation Understand One’s Own Values
Impact of Organisational Culture on Individuals
Session 3: Develop Organisational Effectiveness Skills Develop Self to increase Effectiveness in the Organisation
Broaden & Deepen Professional Skills
Session 4: Improve Personal Leadership Leading in a Modern Organisation
Leadership Characteristics
Session 5: Develop Effective Leadership Styles Match Leadership Styles to Different Situations
Apply People Development Skills
Session 6: Build Shared Leadership Sharpen Shared Leadership Skills
Apply Shared Leadership Skills
Session 7: Integrate Learning & Plan For Action Integrated Case Study

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