Module 6: Group Effectiveness

An organisation exists because the tasks which it sets itself are beyond the ability of a single individual to accomplish on his or her own. For any organisation to accomplish its tasks, the people must work together. Hence, amongst the members of an organisation, teamwork and co-operation is critical. In order for any organisation to get the most from its people, they must all pull in the same direction. For teamwork to be effective, interpersonal skills and negotiation skills are essential.

The objectives of the programme are to enable participants to :

  • improve the skills necessary to interact constructively in a one-to-one and group situation;
  • develop effective interpersonal skills;
  • recognise the importance of effective teamwork;
  • enhance teamwork in order to resolve specific organisational problems;
  • understand the basics of negotiation, how a negotiation session works and what its key elements are; and
  • develop effective negotiating skills.
Session 1: Help Build A Successful Team Why Teams Fail or Succeed?
Teamwork Styles
Session 2: Improve Teamwork Skills Essential Skills of Team Members
Interpersonal Communication
Challenging Skills
Session 3: Strengthen Interpersonal Relationships Interpersonal Styles
Enhancing Self-esteem of Others
Session 4: Build Internal Partnerships Building Trust In A Team
Leading A Team
Session 5: Manage Team Conflicts Causes of Team Conflicts
Resolving Team Conflicts
Session 6: Negotiate Successfully Key Principles Of Negotiation
Managing The Negotiating Process
Session 7: Integrate Learning & Plan For Action Integrated Case Study
Team Project

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