Module 5: Personal Effectiveness

Effective organisations are made up of people who have the requisite knowledge, skills, right mindset and aptitudes. To enhance personal effectiveness in the work place, people need to have a positive self-esteem, motivation and drive to fulfil their personal aspirations, and realise their full potential and career goals. It is important to learn to assess one’s personal strengths and weaknesses; and adopt a proper set of values and work ethics to support the organisation’s mission and goals.
The objectives of the programme are to enable participants to :
  • learn techniques for building self esteem;
  • recognise how increased self-esteem can help improve work performance;
  • improve understanding of internal and external motivation factors in the work place;
  • internalise techniques for goal-setting to improve attitude and work performance;
  • improve lifetime skills to manage work stress, meet employer standards, and enhance job stability; and
  • learn techniques for on-going evaluation and long-term career planning.

Session 1: Determine Your Self-esteem
Assess Personal Self-concept
Build Positive Self-esteem
Get What You Want
Session 2: Achieve New Levels of Self-esteem Handle Mistakes
Handle Criticisms
Match “Shoulds” to Values
Set Personal Goals (Values)
Session 3: Improve Motivation & Goal-setting Improve Individual Motivation
Set Personal Goals
Set Work Goals
Session 4: Achieve Work & Personal Goals Track Development of Self Motivation
Understand Work Motivation
Match Personal Needs with Job Needs
Session 5: Develop Career Development Skills Develop a Vision and Strategy
Develop Pre-Employment & Career Planning Skills
Do Your Best at Job Interviews
Session 6: Do Your Job Well Develop Reliability at Work
Demonstrate Good Attitudes, Behaviours & Habits
Meet Supervisor’s Expectations
Session 7: Integrate Learning & Plan For Action Integrated Case Study

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