Module 4: Problem-Solving & Creativity

Problems are a fact of organisational life. In order to come up with creative and effective solutions, organisations must analyse their problems deeply and holistically. Such an approach will prevent the occurrence of recurrent problems. In today’s ever-changing environment, it is necessary to equip employees with the ability to use specific problem-solving and decision-making tools appropriately in different situations.

The objectives of the programme are to enable participants to :

  • identify the immediate (basic or fundamental) cause of a problem or failure;
  • develop techniques for solving complex problems;
  • apply a systematic approach to making decisions;
  • recognise why creative thinking skills is essential for success in the workplace; and
  • develop skills in applying creative thinking to group and individual problem-solving situations.
Session 1: Focus on the Problem Understand the Fundamental Problem-solving Process
Define The Problem
Session 2: Find The True Cause & Eradicate The Problem Generate Facts
Generate, Clarify & Discuss Causes
Select the Most Likely Causes & Verify The Cause
Carry Out Corrective Actions & Monitor Progress
Session 3: Make Effective Decisions & Prevention Planning Make Effective Decisions
Prevent A Problem
Session 4: Solve Complex Problems
Apply Complex Problem-solving Process
Apply The 5 Whys Method
Session 5: Improve Creativity Skills Improve Creativity Through Brainstorming
"Achieve The Impossible" Method
Association Method
Session 6: Apply Problem-Solving & Creative Thinking Skills Overcome Barriers To Creativity
Sharpen Your Intuitive Thinking
Put Creative Skills Into Action
Session 7: Integrate Learning & Plan For Action Integrated Case Study

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