Module 3: Listening & Oral Communication

Effective communication is critical to the elimination of misunderstandings, miscommunications and misperceptions. With it, an organisation is better able to increase its productivity by harnessing the intellectual capital of its people. This includes their knowledge, ideas and networks. Such an organisation will also enjoy the highly productive synergy which is created through effective interpersonal communication and open information sharing.

The objectives of the programme are to enable participants to :
  • understand the importance of listening and oral communication in the everyday work life;
  • improve communication skills as they direct relate to the job;
  • learn communication techniques for ongoing individual self-development; and
  • increase their value to the organisation by helping them do their job better.
Session 1: Listen Effectively Managing The Listening Process
Listening Styles
Session 2: Overcome Barriers To Active Listening Barriers To Listening
Overcome Sender And Receiver Barriers
Session 3: Develop Listening Skills Adopt Correct Attitudes
Develop Listening Skills
Session 4: Enhance Oral Communication Improve Verbal Skills
Manage Voice
Session 5: Communicate Through Body Language Read Attitudes or Intentions Through Gestures
Read Postures
Sensitivity to Channels of Communication
Session 6: Engage Through Communication Styles Four Basic Communication Styles
Sensory-based Communication Styles
Session 7: Integrate Learning & Plan For Action Integrated Case Study

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