Module 1: Learning to Learn

The world is constantly changing. Technology advancement is making many products’ life cycle very short. Frequent organisational and job restructuring will bring about constant adjustment and relearning. Consequently, people have to learn to cope with rapid changes. Learning is an on-going and active activity. People must want to reinvent themselves to excel in a rapidly changing environment. Failure to adapt to the changing requirements of organisations will ultimately lead to obsolescence of skills, low productivity and a stressful work life.

It has been said that you cannot teach a person anything, you can only make him want to learn. This programme is designed to equip participants with the skills to learn and think more effectively so as to enhance their job opportunities and job performance in a highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment.

The objectives of the programme are to enable participants to :

  • understand the nature of knowledge;
  • organise learning activities;
  • develop critical skills of evaluation;
  • understand how to apply appropriate learning and thinking styles in their daily life; and
  • understand the importance of and be able to do self-assessment and needs assessment to enhance their learning, personal growth and development.
Session 1: Be Committed To Life-Long Learning Importance of Learning
How People Learn
Transfer of Learning
Session 2: Improving Retention And Learning Skills Retention of Learning
Memory Technique
Organise Learning - Mind-mapping
Session 3: Maximise & Thinking Through Different Styles Assessing Personal Learning Style
Improve Thinking Skills
Session 4: Plan For Personal Growth Develop Personal Learning Vision & Action Plan
Session 5: Help Others Learn Through Feedback
Learning to Give Feedback
Session 6: Learn From Others Through Feedback
Learning to Receive Feedback
Session 7: Integrate Learning & Plan For Action
Integrated Case Study

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