Chris L. Jones

Chris Jones managing director SCIP Limited and founder director of Virtuality Associates Limited, specializing in strategic procurement and supply chain management, was formerly Manager, Procurement Co-ordination for the Shell Group of companies, worldwide. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

He has been, in the Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain business as a practitioner for more than 35 years, for the large part in the energy industry and during the last five or six years has been advising Companies in South East Asia on ways in which the transformation of Procurement can make a major contribution to the success and profitability of the Company.

During the last two years, in addition to his clients in Europe, he has been supporting Government-Linked Companies (GLC’s) in Malaysia, by providing in-house advice and support with their very progressive Transformation programme, designed to generate additional procurement value creation over and above their challenging targets.

In his endeavors to promulgate an understanding of the business benefits which accrue from a Strategic approach to Procurement and Supply Chain Management he has had articles published by The UK Energy Industry Council (E.I.C) and the Oil and Gas Journal “Offshore”, both having a global distribution.

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