Business Writing Skills

ttl_overview In today’s business world the need to communicate effectively has become a necessity. Whether we are communicating orally or in writing research have shown that in a majority of cases the end result is often not as expected because the message has not been properly communicated. The fault is often with the communicator and not the receiver. The reason why this happens is because the communicator does not write with confidence, clarity and in a simple understandable language.

Senior executives in organizations are required to communicate in writing every day and it is therefore imperative that they make themselves understood so as to ensure that the receiver knows what is being communicated and does what is required. In Malaysia today the standard of written communication in English is far from satisfactory. CEOs are frequently complaining that their executives are not meeting the standard required in written communication resulting in misunderstanding, misinterpretations, sensitivities and lack of action. Many organizations realizing the need for their executives to improve written communication are sponsoring them for external programs or conducting in-house- programs to improve the business writing skills of their executives.

The main objectives of the Program are:
  • To create an awareness for the need to communicate effectively in writing
  • To impart knowledge in the principles of business writing
  • To familiarize the participants in the actual ways and means of how to effectively communicate through writing
  • To enhance the participants level of business writing skills to achieve desired objectives
The Program is essentially for executives and senior staff who realize that there is a need to improve their written communication skills. The program is not for beginners. The assumption is that those attending already possess the basic skills and are fairly proficient in English

Three Days