CDC Newsletter 2012

The aim of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) of the government is to transform Malaysia into a high income nation by 2020.Its success lies in the execution of the many initiatives as outlined in the ETP. There is an urgent need to build capabilities of existing talent in Malaysia. According to the ETP report, there is currently a skills gap in the country’s human capital. There is an urgent need to develop management and leadership talent.

I am pleased to note that CDC Consulting has been playing a valuable role in helping to address this skills gap. The consulting services and the specially designed programmes of CDC have benefitted a large number of executives, leaders and directors in organizations both in the public and private sectors in Malaysia. The contribution by CDC Consulting has been a success judging from the numerous positive feedbacks and responses received. CDC Consulting has also taken steps in continually upgrading the quality of its services to fit the changing requirements of its clients and the environment. I wish to thank the staff, consultants and associates of the company for all their effort and support throughout the year.